When a Man Loves a Woman

I can’t help but fall in love with this song. You can actually feel the depth of love the man has for his woman that no matter what wrong she does, he can always find the goodness in her.

Incidentally, the movie with the same title is just perfect. Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan pulled off quite a performance in this movie and I give it two thumbs up as well. If you want to watch something that will touch your heart, I suggest that you grab a copy of this movie and watch it. 🙂



Love Letters

Letters are Love

Letters are Love

While rummaging around my room looking for old photographs, I came across my old storage box full of letters. I quickly went through it to see what memories I’ve managed to save all these years. I was surprised to find that I’ve kept all the letters and cards my family, relatives and friends gave me when I was still young. And of course, through all those precious memories, I also saw some old love letters.

It was amusing to read them because they made me remember the giddy feeling of puppy love. Although there was one that made me a bit sad because we didn’t work out as I hoped we would but hey, that’s life right? Anyway, I love the thought of someone pouring their heart into writing a love letter for their special someone. The words they put together to show how much you mean to them and how they want to be part of your life is quite fascinating not to mention scary at the same time. And the fact that you are reading their words while holding their letter is the most powerful compared to reading them online via email.

Honestly, I am a lover of the written word. And after all these years I am still smitten with it. I know how powerful words can be whether it is spoken or written that is why love letters for me are sacred. I have written some love letters before not because I wanted those guys I’ve sent them to to love me back or something but because I wanted to share my feelings with them pure and simple. If they reciprocated my feelings well and good but if not, it was just my way of appreciating the very fact that they crossed my path. That was enough for me.

It has been a long time since I last wrote a love letter but I think I found a reason to go back to this practice of mine. 🙂

In the spirit of writing love letters, why don’t you try it out too? It has been a long time (I am sure) since you’ve picked up your pen and write a love letter to someone close to you or to that special someone. So why not start today? And if you have the time, please share your ideas on what you think of love letters here. I might even create something out of it for your pleasure. 🙂

-eamarifosque 031913-

For the Love of Candles

BurningThere is always something fascinating about candles. The way they brighten a room and how fragrant their smells can be. What I love about them is not the way they come in different sizes, shapes, colors and smell but the flame they produce.

Have you ever looked at the candle light and notice how elegant it sways when a breath of wind passes by? Have you ever noticed how it flickers when you strike a match to its wick and then suddenly catches fire? I often catch myself staring at the flame from time to time. Watching it. Later on I will find myself emptying thoughts and feelings while just looking at this yellow, flickering light. It was a relief and a release too of all the worries I’ve cooped up inside me.

People use candles in so many ways. Aside from birthday parties where the celebrant blows them out while wishing, candles are can also be used as part of your home’s decoration. They are great in setting a romantic mood as well. Of course, candles are quite handy in giving light when the lights go out. I’m sure you have plenty of candlesticks stored somewhere in your home in case of emergency.

So, what else are candles used for? Candles are very much part of religious ceremonies too. Many people light up candles when a loved one passed away. Others use candles to offer prayers. Some light up different candles in order to boost a certain element in their lives like love, health and money. I light candles for affirmation.

I don’t mind what kind of candles I use, how small or big they are, what their colors may be and even they smell good or not. For me, it’s the power of the light that comes from the candle that ignites me. That is why you will often see me, lighting a candle every day even for a few minutes to restore my balance and to help me keep my positive thoughts intact.

A question to you dear readers, in what way do you use candles? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to pick your brains. 😀

Soul Mates

True love. I believe there’s one
special person out there who’s
meant for each of us. And when
your eyes meet, it’ll be magic and
you’ll both know it instantly.

– Only You 1994-

Since I don’t have any cheesy poem to post for my Cheesy Tuesdays segment here in Sunshine and Moonbeam, I thought I’d just put something here about soul mates.

Not every one believes in soul mate probably because they’ve been disillusioned at one point in their lives when they thought they found their partner in life but then everything came crumbling down for them or they just don’t believe in the notion at all. For me though, I think soulmates exist.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to discover that there is indeed someone out there who is indeed your soul mate? Someone who will complete you not just in the physical sense but emotional and mental capacity too? Like when you’re together everything falls into place just like that?

What if you were given the chance to seek out your soul mate? Would you take the time to do so? Or would you wait for destiny to step in? I think it would be nice to take that step and just risk it all. Who knows? You might end up with something more than you bargained for.

On Meditation

meditationHave you ever tried sitting still and doing nothing even for just a few minutes? Not even glancing at your watch or even paying attention to the distractions around you? Breathing in and out and letting your thoughts flow? Well, this is what meditation is all about or at least the way I understand it.

I’ve never tried meditating before like pay special attention to my breathing and all that. What I usually do is to stare off into space and just let my thoughts drift. Only after a few minutes do I notice changes in my breathing as well as the way the thoughts that were running around in my head beginning to make sense. This was what meditation was to me.

Since I’ve developed a very cluttered mind, I thought it would be best to get rid of the useless stuff that’s been bothering me for quite some time now. So, what I did was to meditate. And not the usual staring-off-to-nowhere but the way it was meant to be done. Partially closed eyes, sitting up straight and focusing my attention to the way I breathe. The only thing that I can say is that this experience was really amazing!

I wasn’t able to reach 20 minutes of meditation but the time I spent in just focusing on my breathing and ignoring the thoughts that keep on invading my mind was quite refreshing. I was able to work better and I do feel lighter as well. I think I will be incorporating meditation as part of my daily ritual in order to improve my way of thinking and my overall well-being too.

Perhaps with constant practice I will be able to attain inner peace. Maybe you’d like to try it out too? 🙂


Stumble and fall, I’m already crawling on my way home.
I’m drunk on love and now i’m lost.
You’re like the sweetest wine that touched my lips,
my tongue loving your very taste.
Your essence so potent it burns my cheeks like fire.
Breathless I feel, my world’s already spinning,
with every sip I learn more and more,
how you’ve been refined by time,
aged by the years to perfection.
Your perfect taste feels so right for this glass,
that I press often to my lips.
I stare at you and how your color transforms to blushing red,
a tempting sight and one I would steal a kiss from.
swirling eddies start to form as I drink from the life
this stoppered bottle has to offer,
flushed, dizzy and drunk from this wine
I will love its taste and feel forever more.

-e.marifosque 021513-

Cleaning Home


This evening while walking with Marzipan (my labrador) I looked up at the sky to see that the moon is near to full. It’s six in the evening but the sun hasn’t completely set yet.The moon has already woken to gather in the light and to say goodnight to the sun. He returns the greeting leaving her light she needs to provide for us who walk under her in the darkness of the night. They are like our mother and father: When he leaves to say goodbye, he leaves her something for the children.

So Marzipan and I walked under their love affair and completely safe under their guidance. It is a beautiful Sunday evening. It’s also a reminder that this coming Tuesday, when the moon reaches her fullness it is now the Storm moon.

My tradition at this time is to light candles in My Goddess’s honor and with it to meditate over the things that I have in the past. So at current while walking Marzipan, I am taking stock over the events that happened to me the previous years.

The Storm moon is a period where magick about fertility and strength is observed and done. It is a cleansing of life’s baggages and cleaning the home to reduce the things that we don’t need now. We leave only the things for the coming future. It is also the time for fertility to flow in life, may it be the continuity to abundance of the harmonious flow in life, childbearing, or influx of wealth.

In short, this is the period to take stock of the things of the past and let them all go to have a better future. To pray for gratitude and strength towards the future. To look forward to the future with a clean mind, body, and spirit. It is a “resolution” that will have to happen and be met to work.

My personal resolution: “To look forward into the future with complete love and trust.”

And as I make this resolution, it’s more important to say gratitude over the previous years’ life events that made me who I am now- A better and stronger person than before. I want to continue to be better now that I am entering a new phase in my life where my strengths will be needed more. It will be my challenge but one challenge worth taking. Love.

Dear reader, you may not be pagan, you may be from a different religion but I’m sure we share the same ideals when living life and the future it holds. Here, please allow me to share a prayer. You can use it as inspiration for your own. And gratitude should you see past beyond dogma.

It is said, that a prayer made personal is the strongest, as you put in your energy- your personal magick in it. And here is my prayer:

Dear Goddess, please hear my prayer.
Gratitude over my past, without it I will not be who I am.
Gratitude for the present for I am living better under your guidance and living life as it comes. It is sweet and positive.

Please watch over and guide me further in my undertakings with compassion, fortitude, and knowledge, that I may better myself taking in more of the positivity that you are giving me, and taking all the challenges completing them without anger, without negative haste, as I am human and bound to make mistakes when pushed.

Please guide me with grace that I may take in things with complete love and trust as I never have done before.

Please guide me with patience and good sense when I am met with troubles.

Please guide me with love as now I am in love and will share love.

Please guide me as I continue in this path of betterment that I may end worthy in the eyes of those who I love and worthy in your eyes.

And as I light my candle/s, I will it, mote it be.

And as I usually say in the end, Merry Esbat! x

by m.marifosque


It’s best to describe you darling- “Perfect”.
Negative words shall not cross this effect,
Present you without ego, without pride,
Any inhibitions and hindrances have died

You wrapped me complete in safety’s embrace,
Showed me that true Love is prayer’s grace,
You showed me a door before I dared not cross,
For previously shallow love gave me such

You made me stronger in my beliefs,
Gave courage and hope in your “what ifs”,
You need not convince me more,
You are the one lovebird pair I longed for

Answered prayer gave me you in perfect trust
We honor it and honor us; our Love will never rust,
You speak Love between our fears and goals,
Believe in me, believe in us and Life will have no lulls

– m. m a r i f o s q u e


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