Sunshine and Moonbeam is created by E and M Marifosque, two creative sisters who are passionate about writing and the arts. Their sources of inspiration are from the journeys, romances, heartaches and healings of Love and the simple to chaotic trials of the meaning of Humanity and Life.

Their ideal course is to bring inspiration to readers through their written works and visual arts in the hopes that they can touch lives in a positive way. Readers will be taken on a journey on how these sisters think individually and as one.

If you find the contents to your liking please feel free to leave us a comment as these will reciprocate with the meaning of our blog and inspire us to inspire others more.


Short BIO


E. Marifosque writer/editor/ blogger/ bookworm (more of the silverfish that is found in the book spines) / marathon devil coach/ dreamer


M. Marifosque artist/ poet/ gardener/ Wiccan practitioner/ yoga student/ karaoke singer (who sings the cheesiest love songs for pun)

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