Stumble and fall, I’m already crawling on my way home.
I’m drunk on love and now i’m lost.
You’re like the sweetest wine that touched my lips,
my tongue loving your very taste.
Your essence so potent it burns my cheeks like fire.
Breathless I feel, my world’s already spinning,
with every sip I learn more and more,
how you’ve been refined by time,
aged by the years to perfection.
Your perfect taste feels so right for this glass,
that I press often to my lips.
I stare at you and how your color transforms to blushing red,
a tempting sight and one I would steal a kiss from.
swirling eddies start to form as I drink from the life
this stoppered bottle has to offer,
flushed, dizzy and drunk from this wine
I will love its taste and feel forever more.

-e.marifosque 021513-