Soul Mates

True love. I believe there’s one
special person out there who’s
meant for each of us. And when
your eyes meet, it’ll be magic and
you’ll both know it instantly.

– Only You 1994-

Since I don’t have any cheesy poem to post for my Cheesy Tuesdays segment here in Sunshine and Moonbeam, I thought I’d just put something here about soul mates.

Not every one believes in soul mate probably because they’ve been disillusioned at one point in their lives when they thought they found their partner in life but then everything came crumbling down for them or they just don’t believe in the notion at all. For me though, I think soulmates exist.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to discover that there is indeed someone out there who is indeed your soul mate? Someone who will complete you not just in the physical sense but emotional and mental capacity too? Like when you’re together everything falls into place just like that?

What if you were given the chance to seek out your soul mate? Would you take the time to do so? Or would you wait for destiny to step in? I think it would be nice to take that step and just risk it all. Who knows? You might end up with something more than you bargained for.