Cleaning Home


This evening while walking with Marzipan (my labrador) I looked up at the sky to see that the moon is near to full. It’s six in the evening but the sun hasn’t completely set yet.The moon has already woken to gather in the light and to say goodnight to the sun. He returns the greeting leaving her light she needs to provide for us who walk under her in the darkness of the night. They are like our mother and father: When he leaves to say goodbye, he leaves her something for the children.

So Marzipan and I walked under their love affair and completely safe under their guidance. It is a beautiful Sunday evening. It’s also a reminder that this coming Tuesday, when the moon reaches her fullness it is now the Storm moon.

My tradition at this time is to light candles in My Goddess’s honor and with it to meditate over the things that I have in the past. So at current while walking Marzipan, I am taking stock over the events that happened to me the previous years.

The Storm moon is a period where magick about fertility and strength is observed and done. It is a cleansing of life’s baggages and cleaning the home to reduce the things that we don’t need now. We leave only the things for the coming future. It is also the time for fertility to flow in life, may it be the continuity to abundance of the harmonious flow in life, childbearing, or influx of wealth.

In short, this is the period to take stock of the things of the past and let them all go to have a better future. To pray for gratitude and strength towards the future. To look forward to the future with a clean mind, body, and spirit. It is a “resolution” that will have to happen and be met to work.

My personal resolution: “To look forward into the future with complete love and trust.”

And as I make this resolution, it’s more important to say gratitude over the previous years’ life events that made me who I am now- A better and stronger person than before. I want to continue to be better now that I am entering a new phase in my life where my strengths will be needed more. It will be my challenge but one challenge worth taking. Love.

Dear reader, you may not be pagan, you may be from a different religion but I’m sure we share the same ideals when living life and the future it holds. Here, please allow me to share a prayer. You can use it as inspiration for your own. And gratitude should you see past beyond dogma.

It is said, that a prayer made personal is the strongest, as you put in your energy- your personal magick in it. And here is my prayer:

Dear Goddess, please hear my prayer.
Gratitude over my past, without it I will not be who I am.
Gratitude for the present for I am living better under your guidance and living life as it comes. It is sweet and positive.

Please watch over and guide me further in my undertakings with compassion, fortitude, and knowledge, that I may better myself taking in more of the positivity that you are giving me, and taking all the challenges completing them without anger, without negative haste, as I am human and bound to make mistakes when pushed.

Please guide me with grace that I may take in things with complete love and trust as I never have done before.

Please guide me with patience and good sense when I am met with troubles.

Please guide me with love as now I am in love and will share love.

Please guide me as I continue in this path of betterment that I may end worthy in the eyes of those who I love and worthy in your eyes.

And as I light my candle/s, I will it, mote it be.

And as I usually say in the end, Merry Esbat! x

by m.marifosque